Our expertise


One-on-One Consulting

The Flory Small Business Center’s Business Consultants provide one-on-one appointments to existing business owners.  We also work with start-ups as time and resources allow. Discussions are client driven depending on their needs.  The Flory Center may assist with business planning, providing a written financial analysis of a business, developing cash flow projections, or working on a variety of industry specific issues, from A to Z. The Center helps clients develop cash flow projections, loan packages, and business plans. There is no charge for this service. However, we are not an entitlement program, positive results are expected.

Our promise, Confidentiality

Each member of the Flory Center team has signed confidentiality and conflict-of-interest agreements – clients are assured that all information is held in the strictest confidence. 

Educational Events + Workshops

The Flory Center’s workshops and conferences are market driven.  A sample of past topics includes, Financing Business Growth, Obtaining the U.S. SBA’s 8(a) Certification, Utilizing Financial Statements, Keys to Starting a Business, and Locating in a HUBZone.  The vast majority of workshops are free of charge with the exception of a nominal fee for longer conferences where lunch is provided.  Start-Up workshops are provided on Saturdays.  We believe that it is important for start-up entrepreneurs to keep their jobs until they have thoroughly faced and prepared for the issues that are presented in the Start-Up Workshop.  Potential business owners are often risking substantial financial and personal assets and we want to reach them before they risk these resources on a venture that may not be right for them.

Advocacy for Our Community

The Flory Center facilitates solutions to specific business concerns through advocacy for its clients. Center staff represent the interests of individual clients on a wide range of issues from special use permits to meeting with other professionals such as lenders or elected officials on behalf of the client – always with their written authorization.  Advocacy on behalf of small business as a constituency is also accomplished through working with other organizations.  The Flory Center’s President, Linda Decker, is a multi-year member of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  She spent 6 years on the U.S. SBA’s National Advisory Council, an 80 member national organization that provides reports to the President and U.S. Congress on small business issues.    Mrs. Decker was previously appointed by the Prince William County Board of Supervisors to serve on the 20 member Prince William County Economic Development Alliance where members worked on issues important to the local economy.  She was also a member of the Board of Directors of Business Finance Group (formerly Virginia Asset Financing Corporation). We value the efforts of these policy driven organizations as they provide an opportunity for our clients and funding organizations to make their concerns heard. In addition, all disaster loans from the federal government are made through the U.S. SBA.  As a resource partner of the SBA, the Flory Center has trained staff in place to facilitate the application process should a disaster strikes.



The Flory Small Business Center believes and supports our local community by encouraging, advocating and pushing for pro-business policies at the local and state level. We are always actively pursuing, nurturing and enhancing our relationships with key players at the local and state levels.